Activlab TRAN 500mg (60caps)


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TRAN 500 mg – The product contains high-quality cod liver oil, rich in natural vitamins A and D and Omega-3 acids (EPA, DHA).

*Vitamins A and D help in the proper functioning of the immune system.
Vitamin A supports proper vision, vitamin D helps maintain healthy teeth and bones.

Fish oil supplementation is especially recommended during the priod when the body’s immunity may be weakened.


RECOMMENDED DAILY PORTION: Adults: 2 capsules after a meal. Children from 6 years of age: 1 capsule after a meal.

Toitumisalane teave

INGREDIENTS: Cod liver oil, shell (gelatin, glycerin), D-alpha-tocopherol


Daily portion

1 capsule 2 capsules
Cod liver oil

of which:

Vitamin A

Vitamin D

500 mg


90 μg (11,25%*)

1,0625 μg (21,25%*)

1000 mg


180 μg (22,5%*)

2,125 μg (42,5%*)

Vitamin E 10 mg (83%*) 20 mg (166%*)

* – % referencyjnej wartości spożycia