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If the order exceeds 30€ You are qualified for Free Shipping!

Delivery Information

The paid subscription will be posted as soon as possible on weekdaysOrders made on the weekend are sent towards you on Monday.

Itella SmartPOST Parcel Terminal (price 3€, if total order exceeds 30€ the delivery is free of charge):

Orders from €30 are delivered to your requested ItellaSmart POST Parcel Terminal free of charge.

Your ordered goods are delivered to your requested Itella SmartPOST Parcel Terminal.

With Itella SmartPOST Parcel Terminal service, the package is delivered to your requested Itella SmartPOST Parcel Terminal within 1-3 working days. When your package arrives to the requested Parcel Terminal of yours, the message with the Parcel code is sent to your phone number you entered in the checkout process.

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