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Sport Nutrition - food supplements for winners

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Sport Nutrition offers a variety of high quality food supplements produced by different manufacturers, ranging from sports nutrition goods, proteins, carbohydrates, weight gainers, energy bars and chocolates to amino acids, BCAA powders, fat burners, pre-workout mixes, testosterone boosters and even sports gear.

If you aim to find out how to lose weight, increase your muscle mass or both, you’ve come to the right place - our experienced staff and industry experts will help you find the quickest route to the peak of your physical condition.

Dmitri Uiba - moving is life

You may not know this, but apart from being the face, mind and spirit behind Sport Nutrition, he’s also a World-class athlete, with several titles under his belt. Please meet Dmitri Uiba.

Uiba began his career as a wrestler, joining a local club at the age of 8. Even though he was an absolute champion in his weight class, by the age of 13 he realised that he could do so much more, so he started focusing his time and energy on ‘pumping iron’ and culturism.

His success got a setback when he got into a motorcycle crash in 2011.
The damages to his body were so severe, that he had to lie in bed for a long time, after which the only way to move around was his wheelchair.
Dmitri Uiba
Dmitri Uiba
However, that didn’t stop him from entering the culturism competitions in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia the following year, and becoming the absolute winner in both. In 2013 and 2014, he got 2nd place in the Mister Universe competition. Two years later - in 2016 - he got the 2nd place in the World Championship in Turkey and in 2017. Dmitri Uiba reached the 1st place in the World Championship in Spain.

Apart from being a driven and a determined person, dieting has always had a major role to play in his success, food supplements included.

If you were to ask Uiba what is the combination of food supplements that have led to his success, he’ll reply ‘For me it’s a trade secret, but I’ll gladly help you find yours.’

About us

Sport Nutrition’s goal is to offer high quality food supplements for professional athletes as well as people who simply like to stay active, are interested in improving their form, strengthen their health and increase their vitality.

With ten years of experience and a careful selection of products, we’ve managed to refine our selection of food supplements to meet even the most demanding needs. Our food supplements are manufactured internationally, under professional supervision, assuring their high quality.

We offer food supplements manufactured by many famous brands such as Scitec Nutrition, OstroVit, Bladesport and many others.

In addition to food supplements, we also offer training equipment and clothing.
Dmitri Uiba

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